Pupils Learn About Nature at Garboldisham CofE Primary Academy

June 4, 2021

Nature is an important part of a child’s learning and development, and at Garboldisham Church of England Primary Academy, the Early Learning Years class have ten caterpillars from Insect Lore and are hoping for ten healthy Painted Lady butterflies when they finish their metamorphosis.  Nurturing the caterpillars has also inspired the children to search out more nature including tadpoles and birds.

Currently the caterpillars are feeding on a sugar solution, but once they have been through the process of metamorphosis, they will feed them fruit and give them water.

EYFS Teacher, Mrs Leport said: “Our children check the caterpillars every day. They are waiting for them to form their chrysalises and are very excited to watch them grow.  Many of our children have been inspired to look for caterpillars in their gardens and have managed to find both butterfly and moth caterpillars with their parents.  This has been an amazing opportunity to bring real-life science into the classroom and an experience that I believe all the children will remember for a long time.”

Garboldisham Primary pupils commented:

Jake – “I like looking at them when they change into a cocoon.

Izabella – “They are very pretty. They make cocoons.”

Olive – “They start from an egg, then turn into caterpillars, then cocoons and then beautiful butterflies.”

Isla -“We found some caterpillars at home.”

Joseph – “You mustn’t shake the pot. You need to give them flowers when they are butterflies. I love having them!

Featured picture credit: Insect Lore